A long time ago when Rodrigo and Junior worked together, they felt a necessity of managing better yours tasks. The big amount the tasks and the short time to complete them always was a big problem for all developers. In the most cases, our documentation was resumed in papers parts. These papers were very difficulties to manager and many tasks exceeded in the delivery period.

We would like a simple way to document these tasks. RUP methodology in our opinion was very hard and bit productive. Rodrigo had an idea; we could to build software to manager these tasks for us.

The initial idea was simple. We would add the tasks and the software would show the tasks ordered by delivery period. The XP methodology was very important for us to build the system’s base.

JTasks was the chosen name and open-source was a way to help other developers that has the same problem. As the majority of the open-source projects, the time to “start” the project is very hard, because we work in the “real world” (today in different company).

To help us, our friend Fernando was responsible for the html + css layout (yes, I hate layout) and Guilherme gave some ideas. Finally the JTasks can leave the paper and transform in the real software.

There are two goals in JTasks. First, JTasks can help the developer to organize yours tasks. Second, JTasks has education purpose, you can use JTasks to see how the technology works.

Other collaborators, developers, testers, layouters and so on are welcome to project. New ideas are welcome too.