JTasks is a web-based system that helps in the daily tasks of the computer system developer. JTasks is a simple software that register and manager your tasks. It’s similar than JIRA, but it’s fully open-souce. You can save your tasks and JTasks will manager the deadline for you. With JTasks you can register the tasks, add priority, assign task for one specified user, view production reports, and so fourth.

JTasks works with a lot of users connected. The administrator can add one task and assign to one different user, thus the users will be responsible to complete this task. Alerts by email are sending for each user when a new task is assign for him.

JTasks is not limited only for one project. You can work with a lot of projects in the same time. Tasks and reports are treated separately for each project.

JTasks layout was created using tableless, thus you can change your “theme” just changing the jtasks_base.css file. Three different themes come together with the default package.


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Architecture and developer
Jair Rillo Junior (Java / J2EE Specialist).

Fernando Henrique Amado (HTML and CSS Specialist).

Major Idealizer
Rodrigo Aparecido Marques (Developer and Analyst Specialist).

Guilherme Antoniolo Ferreira (C++ Developer and Documentation).